quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

not quite yet...

Of course I will write a new year post... but not just quite yet!
I'll say that I'm waiting for the OM pics to be developed, but I actually could not finish writing the post... work, of course! and a few nights out as well... one is entitled to some fun, right?

Well, for now I live you with a few iphone shots from my new year week-end... I went to the beach, after 6 years living abroad and spending new year's in the winter... it rained, but it felt good to feel the sand on my feet, to smell the ocean and to fall asleep with the sound of waves hitting the shore... :o)

Hope you are all having a great week...
some music?

5 comentários:

  1. I always love your iPhone pics! I´m having a great day and hope that you are too! :-)

  2. oh iw wish i could also feel some sand between my toes. instead i caught a cold and feel so very bored of staying in bed the whole day ;)

  3. Andas perto do mar Luana :)
    Ora... uma tatuagem já vejo aqui... faltam as outras todas :)


  4. Feliz ano novo Luana! Os Réveillons na praia são os melhores :-) Onde é - Santos?

  5. Happy New Year, may more good things happen for you in 2012!