quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

walls and bridges...

I know I can get redundant sometimes... but I do like my city... it's shapes, sounds and chaos...
it's been raining a lot this week... really!! A LOT!! traffic is impossible (it took me 2h30 yesterday to get to work, which is 25Km from my house)...
but still... SP have something magical about its concrete...
for those who have never been here, you'll just have to believe me... on the other hand, the ones familiar with São Paulo... I SWEAR I'm not crazy! But than again... define crazy! :o) 

listening to this!

7 comentários:

  1. Aquele primeiro ponto de vista está mesmo do meu agrado :) *

  2. yes indeed, there is something magical about the concrete.

  3. I am a country girl for sure. But I need regulary the energy, city brings and the history, architecture, PEOPLE! But does SP have many green areas?

  4. great shots!
    the make me feel tiny...

  5. I love both being in the country and in the city - both options feed my soul in different ways. :-)