segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011

just around the corner...

I don't walk around, here in São Paulo... I drive!
that does not mean that I don't see, but I do not get to shoot as much as I would like to (even if I do take some pics from inside my car). I miss that a lot about my life in Paris... just wondering around... every corner was a great opportunity to spend some film...
Maybe next year I'll explore a bit more the indoor photography...
São Paulo is a huge city and we have something called rodizio, which means to rotate. It's actually a rotation system to try and control traffic. My licence ends with 6 and I cannot circulate from 7AM to 10AM and from 5PM to 8P every Wednesday...  Nevertheless, all that, just to say that, every Wednesday at 9AM I go to the manicure (something that only Brazilians, or people who've lived in Brazil, can understand...), anyway... every Wednesday I walk about 2 blocks away from home to have my nails done and as I'm always early, last time, I've decided to take some time and shoot some pictures...
I won't say that I'll do this every Wednesday for the sight shall not change, but well, we never know...
I'm having a less busy week...
hope you're all enjoying the last week of 2011...
any new year resolutions yet? ;o)

6 comentários:

  1. yes, I say: every wednesday :-)
    hope you had a great christmas - enjoy the last days of December!

  2. Querida! Passei pra te desejar feliz 2012 e também pra dizer que: 1) estou morrendo de saudades suas (estranho dizer, mas é verdade); 2) preciso ainda te mandar um presente de aniversário atrasado; 3) tenho que colocar em dia minhas leituras aqui no blog! Entre viagem de fim de ano e problemas familiares (tipo... todos que você possa imaginar), fiquei sem conseguir fazer essas coisas. Beijos e tudo de bom!

  3. Quelle belle bannière !
    Happy 2012!

  4. Hope you're having a great start of the new year, interesting about that rotation system! :-)

  5. Estupendas todas las fotos que nos has dejado. Un placer siempre, pasar por tu casa.

    Feliz año nuevo y un abrazo.

  6. The rotation system is very interesting. I didn´t know someone did that. And happy 2012 :)