quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

I'm not led, I lead!

Today's a local holiday... it's São Paulo's 458th birthday...

"A new day started
The ones that were going are now coming back,
It's time to arrive.
By metro I'll get there first,
If time's money
Great, I'll make some.
Always fast on the street,
As someone who knows what they want.
The Paulista goes on
Ready for better or worse.

The city does not wake up,
it just sets its position.
Because everything is repeated,
It's seven, and at seven
The crowd explodes.
Iron door lifting...
Everybody seems to be running...
They're not running '"from" they're  running "to"
To make São Paulo bigger!"
                                                       (Billy Blanco)

6 comentários:

  1. I love the words and the pics - congrats to the 458 years..! :-)

  2. Très belles images !!
    j'espere que tu prends le temps de t'arrêter un moment...et prendre d'autres magnifiques photos
    bisous !!!

  3. hello ! j'espère que tout va bien ?! pas de nouvelles .... bonnes nouvelles ! ?
    a bientôt ^_^