terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012


As you can see, time just decided to ignore my wishes and the year did came to an end. I thought about staying home for new year's weekend but, in the end, I decided to face the traffic and go down to the beach… 
Here in Brazil we have a whole lot of traditions and superstitions and a bunch of them turn around the sea… We go the beach to see the firework... You have to jump 7 waves and throw flowers on the sea to yemanja (the goddess of the sea), and when you go back to the shore you must walk backwards, you cannot turn your back to the sea. You’re supposed to wear white, to bring peace into the New Year… You have also to choose the color of your underwear according to what you wish for the New Year (yellow is for money, pink and red for love, etc…). We eat grapes and grenadine… and lentils… 
I had great moments in all my 6 Parisian New Years, but I did miss all this nonsense that, for me, is so natural...
My French brother said I'm becoming Brazilian once again... well... maybe I am... maybe not quite yet... but when it comes to weird traditions, everyone feels at home with theirs... right?

May we all have a GREAT 2012! :o) 
Oh, I know she really à la mode, but this song's just great!

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  1. Yes, it´s a good song. Her voice gives me goosebumps.

    I like funny traditions and your´s is interesting. I have to read more about yemanja :) We have bonfires where we sing about elfs and fairies. Then everyone watches a TV show where they make fun of the year and then it´s the firework. When I read about yours, mine is just silly, hahahaha.

  2. Muito curioso ver a rainha das fotos urbanas e multicoloridas se arriscar pelo céu nublado da praia. Espero que tenha aproveitado. Beijo.

  3. O tempo parece não estar ou não estava muito bom nessa altura. Sentes falta do Verão também Luana? Beijo

  4. I like the story about the underwear, so fun and yes, a little silly too :-)
    Happy New Year!

  5. Wonderful photos and a beautiful atmosphere.
    Hugs and kisses, Synnöve

  6. so funny to read that u guys in brazil are as funny as the panaminians when it comes to new years eve celebration. the underwear thingie sounds so very familiar to me and also the 12 grapes for a free wish for each month of the new year :)

  7. The only 2 traditions that come in my mind for New Year's is wear something new and have some money on you, if only a small coin.. I think I forgot the coin this time.. hope that was not a jinx for 2012 :)) But if my horoscope was right, though I'm not a believer in such things as horoscope and superstitions, I am supposed to be earning loads of money during Autumn.. well so be it!