quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

who's fooling who?

Holidays are always welcome, even if they're right in the middle of the week... it's quite nice to take a break... go out for a long lunch... and some drinks in the evening... 

A lot is going on, though...
xuxu is leaving by the end of the week... it's a mixture of being sad for the fact that I'll miss her and that she allowed me to keep a small (very important) part of my French life for a little longer, but it is also the fact that she's getting back to our Parisian reality that is no longer mine, actually... quite hard!

At the same time, my "keyboard" arrived! :o) quite happy I was! Am! He'll be here for the WHOLE month!!
And he got me presents... from my dearests in Paris... (I have to take pictures of my gifts to put in here...)
But must say that it is weird how and when people get into your life... 

et c'est partie pour une fin de semaine moins dure... 

listening to this! LOVE IT! 

2 comentários:

  1. Lindas imagens! Aproveite bem seus últimos dias de férias !

  2. oh i simple LOVE the first shot. so very beautiful. enjoy ur little holidays!