quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

meio dividida...

do you care for some music?

"I look the city map
As someone who examines
The anatomy of a body...
I feel an infinite pain
From the streets
I'll never go through...
There are so many weird corners,
So many nuances of walls...
On the streets I haven't walk
(And there's an enchanting street
One which I haven't even seen on dreams...)
When I'm gone, one of these days,
Dust or lifted leaf
On the dawn wind,
I'll be a little bit of the nothing
Invisible, delicious
That makes your air
Seems more as a look,
Soft mysterious loving,
City of my walk,
And maybe of my rest..."

- some extracts of a Quintana poem called "the map" - 

3 comentários:

  1. Always in for some music :-) And interesting pics, Paris versus Sampa! I love Sao Paulo's skyline but for me it still can't beat the Parisian charm - what about you? Bom fim de semana pra vc!!

  2. wonderful contrasts!
    and again quintana. liking the poems a lot.
    now i'll check the music out. thank you for sharing.
    have a lovely weekend!!!