domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011

inside a woman's life...

A while ago Nina set a "challenge" and I've decided to mix with Elisabelle's idea...
Once she said I should do a post on all my hand bags, and when I started getting them all together I found it pretty hard to put them all into one single shot, so, I did some film pics of some of them, but we'll have to wait for them to be ready...

in the meanwhile, I open my São Paulo bag for you, as Nina asked...
and I do feel the need to say that I might actually need everything I carry around, and that I'm glad you don't get to see my office drawers nor the back seat of my car...

let's go over it all together so I can try to explain myself:
- a girl need some make up for emergency, as she may need deodorant, perfume and baby wipes... tooth brush (I AM Brazilian). 
- Pens and agenda (I'm really non organized so I'm LOST and DOOMED without one of those.
- iphone (always!), work phone (a radio that I HATE, but must carry around...) 
- money bags (toll fee is R$6,40 round trip to my work) 
- sunglasses, umbrella and, yes, a fan (it may get hot). 
Zona Azul (it's for paying parking spots here in São Paulo) 
- iPod (I can't work without music nor listening to the crazy old lady that seats besides me)
- some cash, VR (to go out and have dinner at G-inter expenses) and Fuel Ticket (you must have noticed that I work going from one place to the other... only fair that they pay for fuel, right?)
- glasses (that should be on my face but, well, they are, sometimes) - the car registration and insurance 
- gum, mints and hand cream 
- something to charge my iPod and/or iPhone (it runs out of battery pretty fast)
- keys (front door, back door and grandma's... that's quite heavy!)
- a meter (I work measuring paintings), work camera (small cybershot) and a REAL one such as my Praktica or my OM10,
- my wallet, iPad, work files, paracetamol (I'm totally addicted!), and my tea cup... 
see, it's not that much! and everything's quite important. Right? ;o)

Oh! And if you care to take a pick, I have a post on my Parisian bag here, on my old blog... So, is it to different?

6 comentários:

  1. As mulheres e as suas mil e uma coisas nas suas malas :P

  2. Quanta coisa nessa bolsa, menina! O leque é tudo de chique, em Paris e em São Paulo. Adorei. Beijos!

  3. oh u made me smile so much. i always thought i would carry around tons of things but compared to u i am really an amateur ;)