sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

fruta no pé!

It IS spring after all... and we have berries on our small sort of tree, on the porch! (and Thursday I was so lucky that I could spend all morning working right under a blackberry tree - and yes, I ate them all) 

I think it's a shame here in Brazil we don't have ALL the seasons like you have on the north hemisphere... 
I remember my first spring in Paris, after 6 long gray months... I was SO happy and SO excited about all the flowers blossoming and the sun shinning... 
Here the sun shines a lot (I'm not complaining about that, even though I do think it's pretty hot)... we don't actually realize how nice the seasons can be...
Well, as for me, I shall enjoy my berries and flowers this first spring back home.

Have a good Sunday! 
(and I'll go to bed 'cause it's almost 3o'clock and tomorrow at 9 I'll probably see Vettel win the championship again... humpf) 

6 comentários:

  1. I would like to taste those fruits...


  2. beautiful and i am with elisabelle: ur blue nails caught all of my attention :)
    happy sunday!

  3. Berries - oh, I´m so jelaous! :-)

    Seasons are nice, though I often wish our dark season was just half as long. The darkness makes me so tired!

  4. I love berries... and your nails! What you say about seasons is interesting.