segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2011


Ibirapuera means "rotten tree" in Tupi Guarani (the indians language), even though the park is one of the largest of Latin America... is just 'cause the area was, before, a swamp... 
Back in Paris I would go to parks all the time... if I had a few minutes to kill I would just grab a book and head to the nearest green zone... (I miss my afternoons at belleville park while waiting for Solal to finish his theatre lessons)
Why don't I just keep living my Parisian life here?
it would be so much easier to adapt, that's for sure!

3 comentários:

  1. Seria possível? Imagino que muitas coisas que pareciam banais e cotidianas em Paris simplesmente não cabem no estilo de vida de São Paulo... Bem que tudo podia ser mais fácil, né? Beijo!

  2. well... où commencer????
    tu nous manques terriblement!!!!

  3. oooh! one more bag ;-)
    bjs e obrigada querida!