quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

the day of the dead...

I saw a movie called "nosso lar" (which would be something like "our home") last Saturday... It's about after life...  I don't discuss religion, but, it did get me thinking... a LOT! Borrowed the book from my grandma... it was my grandfather"s... it's written Antônio Alves Sobrinho São Paulo Maio 1979... I wasn't even born!!!
I miss my grandpa very much, even if he died almost 15 years ago... but we talk a lot... if you know what I mean? ;o)
Do you guys ever think about those stuff?

Well, as usual, it's been crazy around work... yesterday I arrived at 7h15 AM and left at 9h30 PM!! Thank's God today was a holiday! I was writing to a friend and while doing it I thought that I'm actually starting to learn to like what I do. It's NOT what I've always dreamed of, but it's a nice job... I get to meet different people... practice my languages... drive a lot (even if it's tiring sometimes, I still LOVE it!)... and I laugh a lot...

Well, I took the day off to get some rest!
Read a bit, watch a movie (saw "the bad teacher"), and now I'm off to have same japanese food with a friend. yummy... :oP
Tomorrow fridge images! 
For now, the usual random of the week...
and some music, of course...

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  1. Tenho muita sorte: 26 anos e nenhuma perda. Tenho uma bisavó viva e acho isso tão incrível que nem vou conseguir ficar triste quando ela se for. Não vai ser assim, claro... Mas até lá, aprendo a lidar com essas coisas tão difíceis. Beijo!

  2. Amiga, adorei nosso jantar e já coloquei seu blog no favoritos! agora segura, vários comentários! ahahaha
    Afinal, no nosso trabalho, o q não falta s~çao comentários! Ahahaha

  3. J'aime la poésie de ces images simples...