sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011

a car office and some new body art...

I want to show you my new fridge, but I was not happy with the digital pics I made, so, I'm waiting for the films ones to be done...
I hate to be repetitive, but I have been working a lot lately... well, I do have time for myself, and specially to think about the fact that I have been working a lot...
I kind fo like what I'm doing... I mean, it was NOT, and I repeat, NOT what I signed up for when I pent 10 years in the University collecting degrees, but I'l not entirely unhappy doing what I'm doing. I'm still there because I want to, and not because I'm being forced to.
Nevertheless, I can't help but thinking how much I miss my dreams and my so called art... and sometimes I get myself thinking if I'll ever get back there...
well, only time will tell, right?
For now I leave you with my car office mess and some of my new tattoos...

5 comentários:

  1. of course you will!! just don't forget about your dreams - but I'm sure you won't :-)
    adoro as suas tatuagens! bom domingo pra vc!!

  2. hello my dear! LOVE the tattoo next to your ear! have a lovely sunday and don't forget about the fridge. curious to see her live ;)

  3. Nice pics - and great tattoos! :-)

  4. Adoro essas pequenas tatuagens que tens no corpo.
    Bonitos locais para serem feitas :-)