domingo, 6 de novembro de 2011

how big do you need it to be?

Here's baby fridge... and some great news! grandma is refurnishing her apartment and she decided to give me her old set of sofas... now we're renewing them and I'll put one of them in my bedroom (I'll just save the others for when I have my own place).
Now I'm looking for a micro wave... but I want a cute and functional one... any suggestions?
Since I can't afford to have an apartment, I'm, for now, turning my bedroom into a small one... lol :o)

this one is on repeat...

that would be my living room/dining room/study room/kitchen. Not bad, huh?

7 comentários:

  1. Aff...já to vendo que o churras do dia 12 será no seu quarto! ahahahaha

  2. chouette de voir un bout de ton antre :)

  3. Estou a ver que é de tudo um pouco nesse cantinho ehehe gostei desse pormenor do frigorífico "bebé" :) bjs