quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

not expecting!

Yay !!!
Finally had time to go and develop my films...
I got at the office this morning, put the CD into the computer and, for my surprise,  found that the old film I had on my Holga was from Paris… more than a year old…when I climbed the Notre Dame with my mom… (Quite a challenge I must say)
One of the most amazing views ever!
Well, there were only 3 pics in it, and they’re weirdly exposed. Besides that, they’re a bit damaged for the year they spent inside the camera… but I like it. I think this is what makes film photography so real.
And then, I think they go along pretty well with my current Paris nostalgia… (Sorry, I’ll never get over it! And it’s fine… I don’t think I want to.)

PS. I’m just pausing the USA pics… still have a couple of posts of NYC that I wanna share… SORRY!!! ;o)

5 comentários:

  1. wow!!! je ne suis jamais allée au sommet. faut que je le fasse!!!!

  2. I think the exposure makes them cool! Great photos!

  3. aw, charming images.
    little treasures you have found.
    my favourite is the first one :)

  4. C'est beau comme tout ! Je ne suis jamais allée si haut dans Notre Dame, il va falloir que j'y pense !

  5. A great overview. A beautiful angle too. Just wonderful !