terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2012

It's Manhattan, babe!

Lennon says it better than I do, so:
"Well we did the Staten
Island Ferry
Making movies for the telly
Played the fillmore and
Apollo for freedom,
Tried to shake our image
Just a cycling through
the village
But found that we had left it
back in london.
Well nobody came to bug us,
hustle ud or shove us
so we decided to make it
our home
If the man wants to shove
us out
We gonna jump and shout
The Statue of Liberty said,
Que passa Ny?...Que passa NY?
NYC down in the village
What a bad-ass city!
Que passa Ny?...Que passa NY?"

There you go... my last vacation post (from the vacation I took more than a month ago lol).
Anyhow, I do feel I should travel again just so I can bother you with a bunch of pictures once again... :o)

5 comentários:

  1. Yes, please DO bother us with more pics..! :-D

  2. yes, you should go on travelling. i love all of your vacation images!

  3. Yeah, wonderful photos with a fresh touch from the water. Great adventure !

  4. Great !
    I would like to be there...
    Best regards from France,