quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

working girl...

I still need to share with you the NYC pics… I’m sorry, but I MUST do it! lol
Nevertheless, I decided to take a short break to be a little more up to date…
I brought HOLGA to work almost every day, but I’ve been running around like crazy and haven’t had time to develop the pictures. (for now I’ll just have to share some cell phone pics)
I must say I’m enjoying my lunch hours so very much! I get to wonder around the neighborhood (and it’s a quite nice one)… it makes me feel, almost, in Paris

Oh! the soundtrack of my week (I do listen to the same song(s) over and over and over and over again...)

4 comentários:

  1. Nice pics - love your nails! :-)

  2. Nice serie...
    Thanks a lot for sharing it...
    Best regards from France,


  3. très belles photos ! j'aime ta bague et la couleurs de tes ongles dans la première ...