terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

hit the road jack...

Now I can say, for a fact, that I've been to the middle of nowhere... 
road trip is the greatest! 
I used to think that GPS took a bit of the fun of big maps all over and getting lost, but this trip came to prove me wrong in every single way.

I've fallowed a house, yes, a HOUSE for about 40 miles with almost no gas in the middle of the corn fields of mississipi... GPS took me to take a dive into the river, instead of taking the brand new bridge... overcame trucks bigger than the lane I was supposed to drive in... was stopped by the sheriff car so the largest vehicle ever could cross right in the middle of the road... sow mini tornados while driving with no cars beside me...
all that, added to a great landscape and a lot of music.
could't it be any better?

here are some shots of Clarcksdale (home of the blues) and Route 61, the music highway...

5 comentários:

  1. Adoro aquele banco com as notas musicais. Super original :) há mais onde fotografas-te esses Luana? *

    1. era o banco na entrada do museu do blues...
      propicio! hehehe

  2. Sounds just great, love the pics! :-)

  3. I SO wanna do your road trip!! Super series :)

  4. in love with your pictures.
    i am with anne, would LOVE to do your road trip myself :)