sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

what goes up must go down...

Sometimes I really miss Paris and its ups and downs... when I thought things sometimes would get so hard we would never be able to get out of it...
But then again, we always did... 
A LOT is going on right now... here we say that's 'cause of inferno astral (which would literally mean the hell your life turns into a month before your birthday).
for 6 years I wanted to be "home" for the end of the year (my b-day, christmas and everything) and now, that I'm here, I'm not handling all that well.
Maybe I just need to get used to the new problems and craziness...

"Drop your problems by the riverside 
Ride a painted pony and let the spinning wheel fly"

6 comentários:

  1. seems like a lot of happenings are waiting for u in december. kopf hoch how we say in germany (means head up) everything is going to be fine sooner or later.

    oh and u made me smile so much with ur funny face on picture no. 2. makes me think so much of panama. there it is very common to do this with ur mouth when u dislike something here i don't see it very often :)

  2. hello from Canada,
    love your blog and your pics !

  3. This post really struck me! I've been wanting to be home for Christmas for years, and now that i'm going to be going home...in a mere week and a half...I'm not handling it all that well either!

  4. I know how you feel - I used to live in London and had the same feelings.
    Hope you find what you want to do - where you want to be :)
    Love your photography btw - great stuff.
    Happy week to you,