segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Living on borrowed time...

... without a thought for tomorrow!

it is nice to show your home town to people, specially when you were not born in the most turistic of places (well, actually my city is the least turistic place on earth)... But yet, you get to experience it as if it was something new and exciting... Almost as if you were borrowing someone else's eyes and background.
No matter where you live, I strongly recommend! 

4 comentários:

  1. É uma experiência muito legal mesmo! Eu que vivo no trânsito entre duas cidades, tenho sempre que mostrá-las a visitantes. E aí é que me dou conta que de uma, não me lembro mais de nada; da outra, ainda estou longe de conhecer tudo... Beijos!

  2. I know ;) I am getting more and more curious about your city.

  3. haha
    i always feel bad when i have to do the guide for people visiting frankfurt.
    for me there are no sightseeing spots at all (obviously not true)!
    but i could show them lots of flowers and trees if they just would want to see them ;)