sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011

let the sun shine in...

I don't mind waking up early (and early means 6 o'clock - normal time to speed up and go to work around here) on sunny days...
of course I would love to have the day to myself and be able to do whatever I want, but then again, if I had the day to myself I would probably sleep till noon, so...

Yesterday I had my nails done (such a brazilian thing, manicure... and for those who do not think so, is because you've never been to a brazilian manicure before...) anyway, I'll spend the week with pink nails!

7 comentários:

  1. same color i have on my feet right now ;)

  2. Pretty pics - and nails! I love having my nails done, though it is (by some strange reason) expensive in Sweden. That sucks! :-/

  3. Eu faço a minha própria manicure. É uma das minhas muitas habilidades inúteis!

  4. your blog is lovely... and now i need to get a manicure! :)

  5. pink sounds great :) i love pink!
    never been to a manicure maybe i someday should give it a try but here in germany they usually end up with this long and very thick glued nails on their hands when they go to have their nails done. i prefer ur more natural looking nail-style :)