quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013

From out of space...

Long time no see... about 8 months.
No, I did not plan to get away from blogging (which I love) but, somehow, life got in the way.
But, well, one had to come back, eventually. Right?
And after a few unsuccessful tryouts, here I am.

Let's see what we've missed out since Semptember 2012.
I saw the Berliner Ensemble perform (Lulu and The Three Penny Opera) directed by Robert Wilson and it was AMAZING. (Berliner ensemble performance checked out of my to do list)
Alonso did not win the F1 championship (even if it was very very very close), and I was really upset.
Had an unexpected and very pleasant visit from France (always miss my French friends), and now I have one of my best friends from my French University who's here in Brazil.
I turned 30 last December, and the world did not end in 21/12/12 (although turning 30 was quite close to it a few days earlier... lol)
Went to Bahia for new years on a quiet family party.
One of my childhood best friends got married and I cried my eyes out!!
Went to spend "carnaval" (mardi gras) in NYC with my french BFF big brother who I miss so so so so so much and we had a blast under the snow storm. Opera at the Metropolitan also got checked out of my to do list.
Nina was born! She is the cutest and she's one of my best friend's baby, so I feel I can call myself an aunt if I want to lol. And I'm longing for us to have a more accurate schedule compatibility, so I can spend more time with her and I already fantasize about how is it going to be years from now. :) (btw, if you read Portuguese, you can fallow her and her mommy's adventures here).
Joined a gym (the place where I don't belong) and started swimming again (4 times a week). I know all about the "no pain no gain" stuff. Hate the gym! But must keep going!!!
Work's crazy as always. (but I still love it) I'm crazier than ever! (and becoming a facebook expert. Watch out Zukerberg!!!) (if you have facebook, here it is)

Well, I guess that's it!
Some images for the road (I have so many rolls to develop that my iphone pics will have to do for now)

5 comentários:

  1. Já havia muito que não postavas...

    1. Verdade!!!
      Mas agora chega dessa folga... :)

  2. Je suis très heureuse de te retrouver ! joyeux anniversaire en retard ou trop en avance ...tu choisis !
    je vais de suivre sur Facebook !
    a très bientôt
    bizzzzz du Canada

  3. aw, so good to have you back.
    thought of you some couple of days ago et voila you re-appeared :)
    hugs from germany

  4. Hi Luana, welcome back ! I missed you !
    I like your photos and your life. So much colors in it.
    Best regards, Synnöve