segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

just have some chocolate...

WOW!!! do you guys even remember me?
I know it's been quite awhile... but I've been "away" from many things this past few months... 
I'll leave the update for the next post for I don't want to ruin the beauty of our rainy cold Monday spent in the kitchen learning to make macarons... (yes! I miss it very very much! fruit de la passion chocolat from pierre hermés was my favorite)
Well, ours was no "la durée" or "Pierre Hermés" but it was our first try... but then again, no one can ever do wrong when it comes to chocolate! I'm sure we'll improve and soon enough we'll be having soft and yet crusty "caramél au beurre salé"... 
can't wait!!!!!!!! :o)

6 comentários:

  1. si tu fais des caramel beurre salé je crois que solal va apprendre à voler pour aller jusqu'à sao paulo ;)

  2. Yes, I've missed you while you were gone - what have you been up to? That looks so delicious! :-)

  3. Uhhh... can i take a cake? Can i? :)

  4. :)

    wonderful. you made my day with this hair dryer!

  5. Hummm.... parece gostoso! Também achei a aplicação culinária do secador de cabelo um tanto exótica, mas bem divertida. Beijos!