sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2011

wanna take a pick?

my office!
Oh yeah... I do have a desk that I happen to see a couple of days a week... the other ones, I'm on the road... starting to have a huge love affair with the cars I ride...
had a long, stressful and busy week! But could smile 2 times when received emails from my dearest boy from France... I can't even describe how much I miss him and the time we used to spend together...

4 comentários:

  1. Inside Granero! Com essas cores vintage bem bacanas, se não fosse pelo iPod e o Ferrero Rocher no final, eu me acreditaria no escritorio de algum policial de Cold Case. Quesito ambiente: check.

  2. I LOVE these kind of pics from the every day life - keep ém coming! :-)

  3. Achei bastante interessante algumas fotos. Bons adereços, pernas e o mini... bem, é a minha perdição :)

  4. Hey there - got your postcard today and put it on my blog, thanks so much! :-)